"Stephanie Rose was fabulous!"

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"Growing up, there was nothing better than the sound of music in my home. It always instilled such a warm feeling in my heart and I can't imagine life without it.  So I want to bring my music to your home and share that same feeling with you."

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"We had Stephanie in for a "house" concert, but we held it at our shop because we had 30+ people that showed up. Family and friends thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon! She is so down to earth and easy to visit with. I would definitely do it again. Totally recommend to host her in your house (or shop)."

Marilyn Dyck / Host

"A beautiful and gentle soul whose heart sings through her music!" 

Laverne Spratt / Guest

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"Stephanie's performance was  professional entertainment with a personal touch.  She  engaged our guests and brought so much enjoyment.  It was the talk of the town for weeks!" 

Lynn and Keith / Hosts

"Had a wonderful time. Stephanie Rose was very entertaining. Two thumbs up!"

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"What a wonderful night of music, her songs hit a nerve. She is able to tell such a Sask story to music, she draws us in, some (me) to tears."

Laurel Merkosky / Guest

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"To have a concert take you through a full range of emotions is a success and Stephanie Rose accomplished that with her house concert. Combine that with great songwriting, top rate vocals, complimented by tasteful guitar, you have the full package to have a great show."

Kevin and Marg Harcourt / Guest

"We truly enjoyed ourselves immensely. It was a lot of fun,  enjoyed the night."

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